Training from a Dog’s Perspective

Dog Sense Dog Training  brings a new approach to communication between you and your best friend.   Our canine companions are amazing creatures, however, they speak a very different language than us humans.  Dogs do not communicate with words or sentences so, in order to help them understand what is expected of them, WE need to speak THEIR language.



Pamela is passionate about helping owners and their dogs create a bond through mutual respect and clear communication.

Imagine you have a foreign exchange student in your home that doesn’t speak your language.  Would you just continue talking to them?  Raise your voice?  Get frustrated?  Use a heavy hand?  NO WAY!
What if you had a translator to set up a pathway for communication?  Contact Us if you are ready to create a mutual language and stronger bond between you and your buddy….and enjoy your dog so much more!




Pamela Chandler has nearly 10 years of experience working with all sorts of dogs from excitable, dependent puppies to rescue dogs with difficult histories.   Pamela is Certified in Dog Training Knowledge (CDTK) through the CATCH Academy of Dog Trainers and is an approved partner with the American Kennel Club as an AKC Evaluator for Canine Good Citizenship (CGC) testing.